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Rems Amigo (Set M16 -  20 - 25 - 32mm Dies)

Price: £poa


REMS Swing

Price: £poa


Rems Threaded Rod Cropping Tongs

Price: £poa


Rems Heavy Duty Ras Cu - INOX Pipe Cutter 6 - 64mm

Price: £poa

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    REMS tools can provide High torque 2-spd transmission-for matching power to the task. Max HC High Capacity Battery-for maximum run time. Impact Driver: Die cast gear box-for durability and repeatability. High Torque Output-for the most difficult driving tasks. Circular Saw: 6 1/2 In. Carbide Tipped Blade-for increased cutting capacity. Aluminum Guards & Shoe-for high strength & low weight, Double Reduction Gearing-for increased torque. Spindle Lock-for easier blade changes. Light: 90 Pivoting Head-allows aiming light where needed. Focus Ring-direct light beam from spot to flood. Every effort is made to have accurate pricing and availability, however, there are circumstances that are beyond our control. Use our prices listed as a guide only. Please refer to the website for complete pricing guidelines and accuracy. Prices may change without notice.

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